The Label Tag Helper

The label tag helper generates appropriate for attribute values and content based on the PageModel property that is assigned to it. It has just one attribute:

Attribute Description
for An expression to be evaluated against the current page model


The label tag helper is intended to work alongside the Input tag helper. It takes a property of the PageModel as a parameter to the asp-for attribute and renders the name of the property as a value for the label's for attribute and as the content of the label tag. Assuming that the PageModel has a property named "Email:

<label asp-for="Email"></label>

This renders as

<label for="Email">Email</label>

Note that the closing tag is required. If you use a self-closing tag e.g. <label asp-for="Email" />, the content will not be rendered.

You can override the value that is rendered in the label in two ways. The first option is to provide an alternative value:

<label asp-for="Email">Email Address</label>

Alternatively, you can use the Data Annotations Display attribute to change the content that is rendered:

[Display(Name="Email Address")]
public string EmailAddress { get; set; }

Both of these approaches will render as

<label for="EmailAddress">Email Address</label>
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